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Engaging Children in Applied Linguistics Research

CLER Conversation
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Wednesday 3 July 2024, 3:30-5:00pm
Room G.18, School of Education, 5-9 Hillary Place
Professor Annamaria Pinter, University of Warwick


My book entitled ‘Engaging Children in Applied Linguistics Research’ ( CUP, 2023) is about promoting active roles for child participants involved in research. This talk is about why I wanted to write this book and what the main message of the book is. In addressing these two questions, I discuss the various challenges I grappled with in the process of writing the book, such as how political, philosophical, educational and ethical dilemmas play out when promoting an alternative way of working with children in our field. Giving children active roles is possible in any context although each and every context is unique and thus requires a careful evaluation of many issues, such as research aims, support systems, time constraints, research roles and ethical constraints, just to mention a few. One important implication of the discussion in the book is that teachers, teacher trainers and researchers should at least be familiar with a broad range of approaches when it comes to working with children so that they can make informed choices in their work.


Annamaria Pinter is a Professor and Head of Applied Linguistics, the University of Warwick, UK. Her research interests focus on all aspects of second/ foreign language education for children, task-based second language teaching and learning and engaging children actively in research. She has published widely in the area of teaching English to children and has a strong international reputation in TEYL and second language teacher education. She is the author of Teaching Young Language Learners Oxford Handbooks for Language Teachers, Oxford University Press (second edition, 2017), Children Learning Second Languages, Palgrave Macmillan (2011), Engaging Children in Applied Linguistics Research, Cambridge University Press (2023) and she is currently joint series editor of Early Language Learning in School Contexts by Multilingual Matters.

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